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What is it about seasons change and the Mayas?

Contemporary Mayan shaman wearing a Mayan Rebirth´s jewel made of Coconut and lava stone [click here if you’d like one]

Mayan civilization had a very sophisticated understanding of celestial motion and its influence over people.  The Sun, Moon, and Venus were particularly important to their cosmology. The Mayans attached a great deal of importance to the Zenial passage when the sun would be directly overhead. Since most Mayan cities lie south of 23 degrees North, the sun would be directly overhead twice a year near to the solstices.

The Mayans also worshipped the Milky Way and had a sophisticated understanding of the ecliptic. The Mayans, like all ancient civilizations, had a geocentric view of the universe. The Earth was the fixed location from which to watch the moving objects in the sky. These observations provided practical information for planting and harvesting crops and preparation for seasonal changes. The astronomy also indicated when rituals would be practiced, and war should be fought.

Now our days solstices and equinoxes continue to be revered as energetic turning points in which rituals have their outmost  importance to help outcomes of the growth processes in motion to be the most benign possible.

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