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A Talisman in your computer’s desktop…

A talisman can be nearly anything that is thought to bring good luck or provide protection, but it is most often an object or a symbol.

The talisman has a long history in all religions and societies from ancient times to present, and in some cases, it is associated with elemental power. The word itself has roots in the Arabic tilasm and the Greek talein, which both translate to “initiation into the mysteries.”

Often, a talisman is worn on the body or kept in a pocket.

Children will sometimes pocket a smooth stone that might serve as a talisman over time. Much depends on what value, if any, the bearer associates with the object.

The Celts held the four-leaf clover as a talisman of good luck, while the Chinese would capture a live cricket and keep it in a box made of weeping willow wood. The pentagram, the cross, and the ankh are also talismans.

The Mayas have symbols for every sign of their zodiac, which are called “Nahuales” Over all those who have a Nahual symbol, empower themselves with the knowledge and spirituality of an ancient civilization that each day show us how to live a balanced way of life.

Their energy points are to guide their individual throughout life and protect them.


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