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The Sun

A Mayan symbol of ascension, clarity and awareness. Focus upon this symbol facilitates enlightenment. The sun was highly regarded by the Mayan civilization. It brought about high yielding crops, and the sun appeared during time of greatest productivity. Internally, the sun brings about philosophical productivity. Bringing the sun into our meditations warms our consciousness, and allows our divinity to blossom. This symbol is known as Ahau and can also be interpreted to mean “teacher.” -Makes sense as awareness is likened to light. In this case the light of knowledge (awareness) is shed by an illumined teacher, or mentor


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Description: Made of coconut shell and inlaid with Lava. approx.size of the pendant  1 1/8” L.  X  1 1/8” W.  Adjustable cord approx length 26 in. overall in a satin finish with metal ring on charm  All hand done by Mayan hands.


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