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The Star

Made of coconut shell and inlaid with Lava.

Represents harmonious cycles of celestial bodies in sacred relationship, stelar portal, which connects the divinador sacred movement of planets stars and galaxies. A light of love. One beauty of the cosmic plane. A perfect calculation in complete harmony. The artistic and learning of love. Transform yourself into a deep love for humanity and the planet Earth. Practical, strong, prosperous, wrestlers. Intuitive understanding of the pattern of higher life, receives and expresses the powers of Beauty and Elegance. Focuses co-creation and provides harmony. Let go of the autoenjuiciamiento and sees his life as a work of art. What we see is manifested.


Price: $ 29.99   Buy now!

Description: Approx.size of the pendant  1 1/8” L.  X  1 1/8” W.  Adjustable cord approx length 26 in. overall in a satin finish with metal ring on charm  All hand done by Mayan hands.


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