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Get your loved ones a jewel with spiritual meaning.

As human beings we all interpret things differently, but one thing that we can all agree upon is LOVE…

On December 21st. 2012 we should all raise our conscious levels to a higher frequency level and demonstrate to all mankind, that with LOVE,COMPASSION, INTEGRITY, EQUALITY, AND COURAGE we can build a harmonious and sustainable way of life We could all have a spiritual REBIRTH!

Not only are all of our unique jewelry pieces invested with a spiritual meaning, they also have a very positive movement behind them…

To Help improve other people’s life!

From the very heart of our planet, to the heart of your loved ones, help us fill this New Era with love for each other and a Mayan rebirth of the ancient Mayan wisdom!

If you’d like to commit to this cause and want a lava stone piece of jewelry  to express it to the outer world [click here].


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